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Top 10 things to do while waiting in line to vote.

Posted on 11/04/18

NoHo Neighborhood Council

Not Sure where to vote? Click HERE to find your polling place.

1. Pack a lunch. Waiting in line to vote could be gruleing. Food will make you happy.
2. Make sure you bring a bottle of water with you. The 'predicted' high will be 75° in the Valley. 
3. Don't be shy. Meet your neighbors while in line. Say hello to those around you. Start a conversation.
4. Bring a book. 
5. For our artsy population, people-watch and make up their life story.
6. Do a quick search of all the candidates and propositions you may know nothing about.
7. Write out your Holiday gift list or just start shopping online while in line.
8. Catch up on emails and texts. 
9. Call family members and friends to ensure they will vote.
10. Watch cat videos.

Good Luck to your favorite candidate.


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